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Learn about what you can experience on your visit to the museum

Learn about what you can experience on your visit to the museum


Sustainable Development: Caring for Our Common Future

Officially opened in September 2021, Sustainable Development – Caring for Our Common Future is a new exhibit that offers a dynamic, immersive, and youth-focused visitor experience that illustrates how hydropower as a renewable energy source contributes to the goals of sustainable development for the safety of our planet and its natural resources. The exhibit highlights Indigenous voices and introduces concepts of sustainability, renewable resources, sustainable development, as well as the consequences of unsustainable development. This exhibition explores the ways that hydro power as a renewable energy source supports the major goal for sustainable development—to ensure we have enough natural resources to support the world’s communities today and to guarantee they are still here for generations to come. 


Van de Graaff Generator

A hair-raising moment with the 500 kilovolt Van de Graaff generator.
(Note: We only offer Van de Graaff demonstrations to school groups and for special events)


1940’s Farm Kitchen

Peek into a 1940’s farm kitchen and learn about rural electrification in Manitoba.


Interactive Displays

Interactive displays show how to use electricity safely and efficiently.


Evolution of Appliances

Exhibits show the evolution of appliances and equipment.

What to Experience

Travel through the pre-electricity days of the late 1800s

Discover the beginnings of hydroelectric power and learn about the first uses of electricity in the province

Follow the evolution of modern electric appliances

and peek into a 1940s farm kitchen

Learn how generating stations are built in Manitoba


Get a glimpse into present and future electrical development in Manitoba

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