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Avoid the Wrong Kind of Spark in Your Home this Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 14

This blog is a PSA on how to avoid the WRONG kind of spark this Valentine’s Day.


1.       Reduce Static Shock in Your Life

A static charge buildup is an undesirable form of attraction, but you are very prone to these during the cold and dry months—especially when you walk on carpet and discharge the electron build-up by touching another person, or door handle! You can lessen static buildup by using a humidifier in your home to diffuse moisture into the air. It’s a fact that dry air is one of the culprits of increased amounts of static shock. It may also help to remove your shoes and socks, as they are often made of synthetic materials that are prone to static buildup when rubbed against other synthetic surfaces. Finally, make sure to put those silk pajamas or wool sweaters back in the closet because those materials build up a lot of charge!

2.       Avoid Releasing Foil Balloons Outside

Don’t ruin everyone's Valentine’s Day by releasing a helium-filled foil balloon outside into the streets. Yes, they are a popular gift, but they are not so popular when they come into contact with power lines and cause power outages. As you can tell, this combination doesn't have the greatest chemistry. Don’t believe us? Check out this article from CTV News from 2017 in Edmonton when a balloon accidentally hit a power line, causing thousands to lose power. Once it happens, it takes serval hours to fix (long enough for your Valentine’s Day plans to fall through).


3.       Time to Let Go of the Damaged Cords

Have a favourite cord to charge your speakers for this Valentine’s Day? Best to throw that out. Damaged cords are a serious safety risk, and they can cause both fires and electrocution—not exactly the romantic event you want. Be sure to check power cords regularly for damages so you can replace them right away.

4.       Turn Off Electronics or Put to Sleep Mode

This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other the gift of your undivided attention. Remember, don’t forget about the person sitting next to you, regardless of how entertaining your electronic devises are. Don’t let these inventions get in the way of quality time. Turn them off or put them in sleep mode so that that their batteries won't drain.


5.       Be in a Committed Relationship with Energy-Efficient Technology

Did you know that a good chunk of the bill for your home’s energy goes to heating and cooling? Consider investing in energy-efficient upgrades to keep your home heating costs down. If you haven't already done so, why not convert those light bulbs to LED? LED bulbs use 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last years longer. If you want to keep those incandescent bulbs, embrace dimmer lighting instead. Not only does dimming your lights set the mood for a romantic evening, but it saves a few extra dollars that you can use on your date instead.

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