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National Road Trip Day

Updated: May 26, 2022

Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park

Plan to explore the city and its surrounding areas a little more this summer? Or perhaps even re-visit the places you have been to in a long time?

How about an almost "hydro-themed" road trip?

Visit museums like the:

  • Winnipeg Fire Fighter's Museum to see a glimpse of what fire fighting was like since 1874.

  • Find out what pioneers had to face while learning to adapt to a new way of life at the Pioneer Village Museum.

  • Don't forget about us (Manitoba Electrical Museum) and explore how Manitobans can access electricity with a flick of a switch!

Pass by important landmarks in time like:

  • Walk around the Manitoba Legislature Building in downtown, to find the Winnipeg’s City Hydro Fountain that was opened in 1962 to honour the 50th anniversary of Winnipeg Hydro.

  • Take a peek at 55 Princess St., the building that used to be the Former City Hydro Showroom.

  • Don't forget to pass by the Manitoba Hydro Place, the headquarters of Manitoba Hydro, that was awarded a Platinum certification for its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Want to explore Heritage Parks in Manitoba? Try...

  • St. Andrews Lock and Dam where it was built so that boats could navigage from lake Winnipeg to the City of Winnipeg. Former Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier officially opened the lock and dam in 1910.

  • Stroll around in Pinawa Dam Provincial Heritage Park and marvel at Pinawa Dam which was developed in response to the demand for power in Winnipeg. (Please be advised that due to flooding that this area may be affected. Visit for the latest updates.)

Lastly but certainly not the least, eat mouth-watering foods at:

  • James Avenue Pumphouse, built in a historical building that was Winnipeg's first high-pressure water system.

  • Let the good times roll by dropping in Half Moon, a 50's themed Diner after visiting the historic St. Andrews Lock and Dam.

For more information about these places, you can visit their website or you can view all these places on our interactive map below!

Happy travel!

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