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A New Mini-Exhibit in the House

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

There’s a new mini-exhibit in the house, that made its home downstairs in the conference room of the museum. “Sharp Blades and Smooth Touch: A Snip It of the Evolution of Shaving” is a mini-exhibit co-created by the long-time volunteer of the museum Gil and the Summer Student, and now Museum Assistant Administrator Kim.

Believe it or not, it’s creation was not without a struggle. In 2014, Gil decided to create an exhibit on razors as the museum had many electrical razors in the collection. Unfortunately, the dream of creating a razor exhibit would take a while for it to come true. Due to circumstances, the project was indefinitely pushed back – to the point Gil name the boxes that contained razor artefacts “The Ill-fated Razor Display”. Fast forward to the Summer of 2021, Kim was ready to tackle the razor project with Gil to make this mini-exhibit into a reality.

This mini-exhibit explains the evolution of shaving and their practices from prehistoric times, to the more recent era of the 21st century.

Humankind has been grooming themselves since approximately 100,000 BC. Since then, our grooming tools and practices has changed to shape how we think about shaving.

The mini-exhibit contains two display cases filled with artefacts that include the four main types of razors: Straight, safety, electric, and disposable razors.Panels of the mini-exhibit ventures through the 1880s to present, showcasing an “ads-venturous” timeline of razors and shaving accessories. Get to know the big key figures of the shaving industry like King Gillette and Col. Jacob Schick, as well as the impact of large well-known companies like Gillette and Bic. Furthermore, see some of the reasons why women started to shave and the environmental impact razors have on our landfills today.

After viewing this mini-exhibit, maybe you can tell us what the next new innovation will be in the shaving industry, and how it will change the way we shave.

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