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Saving Audio Recycling

In April the Manitoba Electrical Museum hosted a Saving Audio Recycling Stereo and Computer E-Waste Drop-off event. The event was a huge success and saved 2.5 tons of audio visual equipment.

Saving Audio Recycling is a volunteer run environmental grassroots organization that preserves useable audio electronics, saving them from the destructive process of recycling. They assist the public in ethically disposing of unwanted audio electronics as well as operating a free service to aid local not for profit organizations.

They accept a variety of audio electronics from amplifiers to headphones and much more. For a full list of items that they accept please visit their website . Items that they receive are reused, repaired, or used for parts. Once repaired the audio electronic are distributed among local not for profit organizations.

Want to volunteer or learn more about Saving Audio Recylcing? Visit their website

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